How Applicable Laws Affect Your Student Life


Every year there are laws passed that effect students; specifically students with learning disabilities. These laws can have lasting effects on students attempting to ascertain financial aid to attend post-secondary schools. Changes in law can impact students in many ways.

Whenever there are changes to Federal Financial Aid, students must recognize how this can affect assistant-ship programs, grants, scholarships, and the work-study program. Each of these programs is designed to assist students in affording a college education. When it comes to state laws, state funded Rehabilitation Services can also be affected. Rehabilitation Services assist undergraduate and graduate level students with disabilities pay for tuition, books, and in some cases housing expenses. In times of economic uncertainty, social services like these are the first to experience budget cuts. It is imperative students and parents pay close attention to the laws being passed at federal and state levels. Only then can they be aware of the upcoming changes.

Over the years, students have witnessed shrinking federal and state budgets. It has led to reductions in the Financial Aid Program and various social service programs. Students need to be aware of these changes to avoid amassing student loan debt to pay for college.

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